Am at the doctors.

On the way down I was driving down Holywood High Street. As usual cars parked on each side two lanes in the middle. No problem. Traffic was moving in both directions. Great. Next thing a grumpy old woman on a mobility scooter pulls out with no warning from between parked cars and rides towards me … More Am at the doctors.


Have just been referred to as “this wee lady”. Christ. Is this the stage I am at already?


I am mainly doing my music. I have a lurgy. Started new dietary regime this week and have been rewarded by being struck down by the lurgy on my first weekend off and at home! Undeterred I have been practising me French horn. Now I need to lie down in a darkened room. As do … More Today

Out on me bike now.

Hipster guy to his wean on a tricycle : “Just let this man past now” He had to say it three times before I realised he was talking about me. Then I asked him if there was a man behind me then. Must be me new bra.