Day three

Well here we are at day three and counting #SoberOctober. I am doing well and feeling better generally. I am not sleeping well at the moment because my pattern gets disrupted very easily and I am a wee bit anxious because I will have first review since the initial meeting with Dr McKenna and Adrina, my lovely Macmillan Nurse, in June. That is on 14th with blood tests and scans beforehand. Joy. In the meantime I have been buying trousers and scripts online. One pair of trousers has arrived. The scripts are for “Lay Up Your Ends” from Lagan Press and “Rough Girls” from the Lyric. One pair of trousers has arrived! Oh yes and bras from Marksys. I was a bit disconcerted when ordering the bras because a wee woman popped up and asked me if I wanted an online fitting. I don’t think so. I can just imagine the neighbours: “Oh that’s just her at number 16 buying her bras again! Just as well she’s doing “Sober for October”!”. And I have booked McDonald Industries Christmas dinner. And I am script learning for work. And dinner for Thursday night. And tonight I am going to the book launch.…/black-dreams-strange…. Other than that it is all quiet. Up Macmillan and the NHS and don’t vote tory. Or DUP.


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