I think I have a problem.

I have a serious book habit and it is getting worse! During lockdown I struggled to read. I couldn’t concentrate. Recently however my reading mojo has returned with a vengeance. And then some. The trick, I have discovered, is only to read books you are interested in. Who knew? Also I think during lockdown, social distancing and the various health issues I have had it gave me something to do. A slight buzz of buying something and then it arriving. Currently reading, amongst other things, “Hagseed”, by Margaret Atwood and have just finished Grace Dent’s, “Hungry” and “Don Camillo”, by Giovannino Guareschi (in Italian – get me!)

My recent orders include six books on Sicily – four on Saturday and two today. I have just ordered, “Blackthorn Winter”, by Liz Williams from Newcon Press. http://www.newconpress.co.uk/info/book.asp?id=172&referer=Catalogue

Somebody stop meeeee!!!!!!


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