First Expedition

Down to the “Bay Tree” in Holywood! The lovely Judith Lowans Thurley had very kindly invited me! And she very kindly gave me a lift. My good intention had been to walk down but there ya go. First time I had been in the Bay Tree for years and it didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately I couldn’t avail of the offer of one of their legendary cinnamon scones as I am now quite firmly back on the Good Ship Gluten Free. I had a lovely wee traybake! Welcome to Nrn Irn. The coffee was great.

I had decided to venture out downtown and walk home as part of my Big Walk today. Yesterday I was round the Nature Park four times and lovely as it is, I got a wee bit bored. After the coffee I did SHOPPING! REAL SHOPS!!!! My original mission was to make an appointment for a pedicure. I have never had one of these in my life and when I looked online to book I couldn’t because I didn’t know what anything was! They were all “treatments” and “spas”. It is for my wedding next week. Unfortunately all the beauty salons were closed and I am hoping it was just for the bank holiday today.

In the meantime I bought dinner – two nice pieces of salmon and two duck breasts from Orr’s Butchers and some salad potatoes and scallions from the new fruit and veg shop, the “Secret Market” across the road. The new fruit and veg shop is run by the same person who ran the old fruit and veg shop but it is a new one. If you see what I mean. But it is great to have it amongst all the hundreds of charity shops that have taken over the town centre. I honestly think the one for Assissi Animal Sanctuary is going for world domination. It is huge.

I got gluten-free buns in Knott’s Bakery and then headed homewards with my loot.

I stopped for a wee breather on the Aul Boys’ Seat outside the library and beside the new and much derided “living sculpture”. Apparently it represents a golfer’s swing. Presumably it is in reference to Holywood’s most famous son Rory McIlroy. They should just rename the town. I leave you to your own conclusions.

I made it home. 1.6 miles. This is the view. I am so lucky to live here.

Almost Home.


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