Macmillan Walk Training part 3 and the Wonder of Liam’s.

Just down the road to our lovely pharmacy which is officially “Burns’ Pharmacy” but is known to all and sundry, including our GPs, as “Liam’s” for such is the name of the owner. They have won “community pharmacy of the year” a million times and it is no wonder. When Ian or I go in if there is a prescription there for either of us it reaches the counter before we do. We have a lot of older people in the area and he can frequently be seen delivering wee white pharmacy bags after hours presumably to those less mobile. He also has a superpower. In these pandemic and lockdown times sometimes with the NHS under such pressure our GP’s prescription service has been creaking. Liam’s superpower is getting the scripts from them to us! For me this is the case this time – I had a prescription on order and it got lost somewhere in the system. When I visited just now he said he had got the prescription yesterday but needed to order it in so it will be there this afternoon or tomorrow. In the meantime I had a wee walk (0.22 miles) down and got to see my neighbour’s impressive display of bluebells at the end of the road! Today’s aim is 0.8 miles so will be out a bit later on as well!


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