Strange dreams

I have been having quite a lot of them recently. Last night I had two. One was that I was at a wedding in St Mark’s Parish Church in Newtownards. I was there completely on my own ie church was full but nobody from my family. I was wearing some very strange clothes. When the bride came in I stood up and nobody else did until I told them to! Then when the hymns started nobody else sang again until I told them to. I went out round the town to go “home” ie our old family home and when I did that miraculously I could walk and run again.  In the second dream I was on the Gatwick Express heading into London. I was on my own in my wheelchair. The train stopped and everybody had to get off so I got up out of the wheelchair and walked!!! It was a miracle!  Went out into some kind of  a station concourse and on the way back up to the train I met some literary types who had been in my carriage on the train. They  told me that Science Fiction was not a proper form of literature and that therefore Science Fiction writers were not “proper” writers. This did not end well. Then we tried to get back on the train. They had swapped trains which meant that my wheelchair was on the other train which was a track over. I managed to climb in through an open door when the guys were cleaning the windows. Unfortunately they then locked the doors and hadn’t seen me. And this was before I took my cocodemol.



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